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Corrections to the "Trade Idea: XRT and GME" articleCorrections to the "Trade Idea: XRT and GME" article

By FinanceTLDR | Mar 17, 2021

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A few readers correctly pointed out that the daily average GME volume I provided is incorrect.

I wrote that the daily average volume was around $40 million, but it’s actually 40 million shares. This nullifies the point that GME selling from end of quarter rebalancing by ETFs is significantly comparable to daily average volume.

However, I still think that GME will fall to the low-mid $100’s as we near the end of March. Waning momentum, contributed by end of quarter institutional fund selling (including but not limited to ETFs), will dampen short-term enthusiasm for the stock.

The biggest risks for this play are:

  • DFV increases his GME holdings and shares the change in his occasional GME portfolio updates on Reddit
  • GME outperforms earnings expectations (earnings next week on March 23rd)

My long-term outlook for GME remains bullish, as I think they have a very good chance at turning the ship around and becoming a significant player in the fast growing video game industry. I shared my thoughts in this article.